People Are Texting Their “Number Neighbor” and the Replies Are Hilarious

Back in the old days, if you wanted to make a new friend, you had to enroll in a new class, go to a bar or approach people at a party. The bottom line, you had to be there in person, make eye contact, read body language, and be spontaneous. Nowadays, you can just text a random person and hope that a conversation will ignite.

A new trend is becoming viral and people can’t seem to have enough of it. Here’s what it is and why so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. 

What’s a Number Neighbor

A number neighbor is almost identical to yours, the only difference being that the last digit is either one up or one down for yours. In a modern attempt of finding a pen pall, people are texting their number neighbor, hoping that a friendship will ensue (or, at least a funny conversation that they can then share on Twitter.)

Some got lucky and got into pleasant conversations that have the potential of turning into a lasting friendship. One Twitter user, for example, received some heartfelt advice about her love interest. Others, on the other hand, weren’t that lucky and their number neighbor either wasn’t interested or had a difficult time understanding the concept and its purpose.

Even some brands jumped at the occasion and took part in the viral trend. And, of course, there are those claiming that their number neighbor is former President Barack Obama.

Over to You

Have you tried texting your number neighbor? What happened? We would love to hear your story.