Disney Releases the First Trailer to the Live-Action Remake of “The Lady and The Tramp”

How amazing are the times we live in, right? Forget the Mars Rover and the Tesla Roadster.

Our favorite part of living such innovative times is getting to see live-action remakes of our favorite Disney classics, starting with Lion King and continuing with – drumroll – The Lady and The Tramp!

Prepare to be in awe watching these two adorable mutts and their romantic journey on the streets of a Midwestern town, where they both have to struggle with the ups and downs of a stray‚Äôs life. 

Disney has already released the first trailer to its amazing remake and we just love it. Seeing Lady and the Tramp as real dogs is better than ever expected, as they are just as cute and expressive as the cartoon versions we all loved since the release of the original animated movie in 1955. 

The CGI is very well done, it manages to keep the characters away from unnatural cringy facial expressions, yet gives them the human dimension we need for this beautiful story. We cannot wait to see the whole movie in theaters! Besides the two protagonists, we will meet their secondary partners, Pug, Trusty the Bloodhound, Jackie the Scottish Terrier or Bull, the Bulldog. 

We will also enjoy the marvelous song of the street cats, although the modern version of the movie ditched the controversial racial stereotyping that was unfortunately quite common back in the day. 

Starring Tessa Thomson as Lady and Justin Theroux as Tramp, this new Disney live-action release will surely warm up our hearts and keep us waiting for the next awesome remake.