Viral Today: August 9, 2019

Social media influencers may prove the biggest celebrities of Gen Z, but with all that clout, who holds them accountable? One influencer’s sister took his “who watches the watchmen” style question into her own hands, when she created a viral twitter post exposing her sister as a little phony. 

The Internet is loving more than just influencer backlash on August 9, though. K-Pop fans are also celebrating 1,000 days since the release of one of their favorite anthems, and one woman is learning the hard way that revenge is sometimes a dish best not served at all. 

Caught in The Act

Casey Sosnowski is an up and coming Instagram influencer with a base of about 3,400 followers and counting. She posted a photo of herself in workout attire with a bottle of water on August 3, tagging her location at a hiking trail, encouraging followers to get out in nature and move. 

Her sister, Carly, however, cried foul on the post. Rather than expose her sister on Instagram, Carly took to Twitter to air the hypocrisy. In the post that has now gone viral, Carly posts side-by-side shots of the photo Casey posted, along with one Carly snapped herself of her sister standing near the treeline at the edge of a yard getting her photo taken. 

The caption of the post reads “My sister said she was going hiking … this is our backyard.” As of August 9, the post had received more than 274,000 likes and more than 40,000 retweets. Casey replied to the post saying, “I feel personally attacked” and changing her Instagram caption acknowledge that she was, in fact, in her own backyard. 

Some Twitter users remarked that Casey is simply a marketing genius, others noticed that the girls’ backyard is big enough that you practically can go hiking, but the Internet has shown a surprising amount of softness to Casey herself, most people only remarking on how Instagram has gotten out of control rather than on the influencer herself. 

Other Viral Topics on August 9

  • I Purple You Turns 1,000

If you’re not a fan of the Koren Pop band BTS, then the phrase “I Purple You” may sound like nonsense, but for millions of enthusiasts around the world, it’s deeply meaningful. The phrase is supposed to mean that you love and respect someone, and will always support them. 

BTS’ song by the same name turns 1,000 days old on August 9, and more than 160,000 tweets were already posted by the early morning hours with the hashtag #IPurpleYou1000.

  • Backpedaling on Revenge Ploy

A 36-year-old woman in Georgia concocted a plan a week ago to get back at past lovers. In a Facebook live post (that has since been deleted) she claimed to have been HIV positive, and to have purposely infected past partners. 

As upsetting as the claim was, it’s likely not true. Georgia law would have required her to disclose her diagnosis prior to any physical intimacy, otherwise she could face criminal charges. Now the woman claims it was all made up to get back at the men she listed in the video, and has submitted to a blood test to prove that her claims were all false. 

On To You

Would you ever expose a loved one for acting phony on social media, or espouse your love for a band via your twitter account?