Viral Today: August 8, 2019

The definition of a “dream job” looks a little bit different for everyone, but a West Coast burger chain called farmer boys took the internet by storm early August 8, and redefined just what a dream job means for many food lovers. 

It’s not just a tasty and lucrative internship that the Internet is loving, though; an unusually adaptable meme asks the Internet to place themselves on a cafeteria map in the “where y’all sitting?” viral trend, and a hashtag gaining popularity gives Twitter users an outlet for all of their useless move knowledge. 

Eat Your Way to $1,000

Farmer Boys posted an interesting proposition to their Instagram on August 7, and it only took until the wee morning hours of August 8 to hit viral status. In a brilliant move for exposure, Farmer Boys says they’ll be taking on an intern, but not the kind that gets coffee and performs menial tasks. 

Instead, the Farmer Boys intern will be in charge of sampling bacon, and that’s not even the best part. The job will only last one day, and it pays $1,000. To enter, the chain asked Instagrammers to post a photo or video explaining why they’re right for the job, and tag Farmer Boys. 

Perhaps best of all, hungry hopefuls won’t have to wait all that long to find out whether they have prevailed. The deadline to enter the contest is August 20, and Farmer Boys will announce their Bacon Intern via Instagram on August 27. 

The relatively small chain has received all kinds of buzz on the internet, especially following a mention on the August 7 Today Show. They say that the internship will help them ensure they’re serving the best quality food possible. With all this exposure, it’s hard telling how many entries Farmer Boys may have to sift through. 

Other Viral Topics on August 8

  • Mean Girls style meme

A viral Twitter trend is asking users where they’d place themselves in various cafeteria settings. For context, the image is just a blank drawing of ten cafeteria tables. Users then place their own labels above each table. 

This is simply a means of self-identifying, allowing those who play along to see how they fit with others who have done the same. One version shows photos of Stranger Things characters above each table, another lists Abba songs above each one. 

The trend has been fun and harmless (unlike many Twitter users’ actual high school experiences), but won’t likely turn into any sort of long term game. In any case, users seem to have had more fun creating their own versions of “where y’all sitting?” than actually participating in answering. 

  • Favorite film zingers 

Trending on Twitter the morning of August 8 (with 12,000 mentions, and going up every second) is #BestMovieLineEver where users simply post their favorite movie quotes, often along with a gif for context. 

Some of the most popular tweets include quotes from Dead Poets Society and Avengers, with plenty of mentions for other cult classics like Monty Python and Fight Club as well. 

How Are You Feeling?

What are your thoughts on the viral topics of August 8? Would you spend a day eating bacon to get paid $1,000, or place yourself at a table for the sake of finding where you fit in with the rest of the Internet? What’s your favorite movie quote?