Viral Today: August 5, 2019

There are a few classic TV figures that you can’t help but love—genuinely positive role models like Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, and of course Steve Irwin. Though the crocodile hunter has been gone for over a decade, his daughter Bindi re-opened the world’s collective wound with an Instagram post reaching viral heights on August 5. 

Love for one of TV’s great conservationists isn’t the only thing uniting the Internet, though. An adoption story about elderly dogs is also warming hearts all over the world. 

Wedding Bells for Bindi

Bindi Irwin turned 21 in late July, and on that same day got engaged to boyfriend Chandler Powell. Obviously, the young bride has since been reflecting on what her wedding will look like without her father there to walk her down the aisle, as she posted an emotional letter to her late dad several weeks later on Instagram. 

Of Bindi’s 2.6 million Instagram followers, it’s doubtful there was a dry eye in the house as she revealed that she planned to have Robert walk her down the aisle in Steve’s stead. She also expressed how proud she was of her brother’s character, and that she was sure her father would be proud, too. 

With more than 5,000 comments, the post received all kinds of love from followers praising Bindi, lamenting the loss of her father, and encouraging her that she is following in his footsteps. The family has remained close since Steve passed, and frequently express their love for one another on social media. 

As beloved as Steve Irwin is, it’s likely that this poignant post will continue to receive love as it bounces around the Internet. 

Other Viral Topics for August 5

  • Giving birth in the back of an Uber
sleeping baby

Recent years have seen an uptick in the number of people choosing rideshare services over ambulances; while many people drive themselves to the hospital before a new baby arrives, a New York couple chose an Uber or Lyft to help them make the trip. 

However, it turned out that nature had other plans. While on the way to the hospital, the woman began giving birth. From the front seat, the driver offered words of encouragement and pointers. As the video was just posted in the early morning hours, it’s hard telling how far the reach might go on this sweet story. 

  • Senior Special Needs Dogs Get a Forever Home
cute dog with a hat

Elderly dogs are often the last to get adopted from shelters. Couple that age with special needs, and it’s unlikely that these pets in their twilight years will ever get the stable homes they crave. Unless, of course, someone like Leslie walks into an animal shelter

She entered the Asheville Humane Society Adoption Center and asked for dogs with special needs that had been there the longest, as she wanted to give them a comfortable and happy home. Workers at the center were so touched that they posted Leslie’s act of kindness on their Facebook page, where it blew up. Commenters praise Leslie, and have also posted photos of their own adopted dogs. 

Your Take

Crocodile hunter

These viral topics have bewitched the Internet, for today at least, but what do you think about them? Were you a fan of the Crocodile Hunter? Does it tug at your heartstrings a bit to see his kids all grown up and getting married?