Viral Today: August 4, 2019

Remember being a kid, when the death of a goldfish was enough to send you reeling into an existential crisis? That type of grief was the inspiration for a Twitter thread that went viral on August 4, which featured videos in which a young girl enlisted her entire family to throw an elaborate funeral for her recently deceased lizard. 

This celebration of life isn’t the only thing that picked up internet credit—an insensitive tourist also took some heat for his behavior at an archeological site in Belize. 

R.I.P. Reptilian Friend

Losing a loved one can be traumatic for a child—even if that loved is scaly, and you just found it outside a few days ago. Such was the case when a young girl discovered that her lizard had died on August 3, and in turn she requested that her family take part in a funeral for the pet. 

The entire event was chronicled through a series of Snapchat videos posted by @briianarenae on Twitter; the thread now has millions of views and more than 36,000 retweets; considering it went viral in less than 24 hours after being posted, it’s safe to bet that this content is still picking up steam. 

Viewers get a peek into the whole ordeal, from a table of refreshments featuring a sign that says “thank you for all the support” to a series of eulogies given by the adults in the family, as they humor the bereaved. Some highlights come when the grandmother explains she’ll have to leave the funeral early because John Wick is on, and the poster’s brother says he’s not surprised the lizard didn’t last given that it was put in a plastic container. 

Short-lived Love

From the videos and captions, you can surmise that the girl had only found the lizard outside a few days earlier when she decided to capture it and keep it as a pet. Still, she says “this lizard has been in my heart for a long time” through a smile when she delivers her eulogy. 

The final shot of the thread shows the burial site, complete with a cardboard headstone that reads Rest In Love and a series of flowers decorating the area. 

Pet funerals may not be the most agonizing events of a child’s life, but they’re bound to make an impression on them, and in this case, on the Internet, too!

This story combines funny kids and family love, so it’s no wonder it made an impact on so many. 

Other Viral Topics on August 4

  • Tourist in Belize Sparks Anger

Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012 according to some interpretations of Mayan calendars? Well that ancient culture is back in the news thanks to two photos posted on August 4 of a tourist in Belize at some of their sacred sites. 

In one photo, the man is drinking a beer while enjoying the site. In the other, he appears to be relieving himself at the same site. Though the man wasn’t facing any serious repercussions based on the photos, it did prompt the National Institute of Culture and History to issue a statement reminding tourists to respect the sites. 

The man quickly posted a statement of his own, apologizing for behavior he deemed foolish. 

All Fun and Games

The viral topics of August 4 are good reminders for everyone to embrace their inner child and have a little fun—just not so much fun you lose track of yourself and do something you’ll regret. Did you ever throw a funeral for a pet? How did your family partake?