Viral Today: August 2, 2019

What do Nicki Minaj, math, and Emirates Airlines have in common? No, it’s not a riddle or a joke.

They’re all the subjects of news that went viral on August 2! Keep reading to find out more about what was buzzing on the web on this day.

Is Nicki Minaj Married?

Nicki Minaj on Stage

Rumors are flying around that the Queen rapper herself Nicki Minaj has tied the knot with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty. The couple hasn’t been the camera-shy for a while, and both were happy to confirm to the press that they indeed planned on getting married somewhere down the line of their relationship.

It’s already been reported the couple had applied for and received their marriage license, and now everyone just wants to know one thing: when’s the wedding going to happen, and how many of the photos will be uploaded on Instagram?

Many even speculate the wedding did already happen, but the rapper is keeping the news to herself, at least for now. But Minaj has a well-established history of being very open to her fans about her private life, so it’s rather safe to assume that she’ll let everyone know when she’ll be walking down the aisle.

Not Everyone’s Happy about This


Usually, when celebrities have very dedicated fan bases, happy news is celebrated throughout the entire community. Except, Minaj’s fans have made it no secret that they do not believe Petty’s the right man for the rapper, as evidenced by the hundreds of comments they leave every time the star posts a picture with her partner.

Kenneth Petty has a pretty nasty criminal background, and many Minaj fans think the musician wasn’t thinking clearly when she started a relationship with him. And the rapper was very much aware of it, since at first, she kept the identity of her new boyfriend a secret for as long as she could. 

Still, it doesn’t seem like the public opinion on Kenneth Petty matters much to Minaj, who has always come out in support for her hubby.

Other Viral Topics on August 2

  • The Math Problem That Divided the Internet
Math Equations

Math. Some people like it, most people still have nightmares of Pythagorean theorems chasing them through the dark woods. But some math problems can divide everyone, which is exactly what happened with the seemingly simple problem Twitter user @pjmdoll posted.

The user asked people to solve the problem, but the results quickly lead to a heated debate over who is right, and who needs a math refresher course. Depending on how you solve the problem, you could either get the answer ‘1’ or ‘16’. 

It seems there is a small issue with the way the problem was written, specifically it’s ambiguous. And it’s this ambiguity that allows for both answers to technically be correct. 

  • An Emirates Airplane Lands in Style
Emirates Lannding

Airplane landing is a very complex thing to do, sure, but let’s be honest here – it doesn’t look like much. It might have a few decades ago when flying was a novelty, but these days everyone knows what an airplane landing looks like.

But sometimes, great things can happen. This video posted by Emirates Airlines shows a truly epic airplane landing, which almost looks like something taken out of a movie. The video is also credited to a “Tom Jones,” so the “it’s not unusual” replies quickly followed. 

Over to You

What do you think about Nicki Minaj’s supposed husband? Think this relationship will last?