Viral Today: August 18, 2019

August 18 was a great day for female body positivity, as famous model Ashely Graham shared a revealing photo of herself. The model is known for speaking her mind and fighting the good fight for body positivity, and her followers were all here for her. 

Keep reading to find out other topics that went viral on August 18.

Ashley Graham’s Pregnant Instagram Pic Sparks Love

Ashley Graham is pregnant, a fact that’s not exactly a secret considering the model hasn’t been shy to share pictures of her baby bump. But the photo she posted on August 18 was a bit different.

The photo is showing off her curves and stretch marks, captioned with a simple “same but a little different.” The photo currently has over 1 million likes.

So, why is the internet all heart eyes about this pic? Well, if you read the comments, it’s mostly because a lot of people, women, in particular, were happy to see such an honest depiction of a woman’s body, particularly a pregnant woman’s body. One of Graham’s followers commented “I’m pregnant, hormonal, and going through (sic) so many body changes. This made me tear up. I really needed this today,” while others have also thanked Graham for making them feel like their bodies are represented.

A Champion of Real Photos

Ashley Graham is a model, so you’d think airbrushing and photoshop comes with the territory, right? Well, the model has made it very clear in the past of what she thinks about these practices. Spoilers: she hates them.

Last year, she took her anti-retouching stance to the next level when she released the Power of the Paparazzi campaign to promote a size-inclusive line of art-deco inspired swimwear. When asked about the campaign, she stated: “I hope these images instill a fearless belief in everyone to be happy in their own skin.”

Graham has been promoting this body accepting stance everywhere she can, and it’s nice to see her views so widely accepted and celebrated online. 

Other Viral Topics

  • Iceland Holds a Memorial for a 700-Year-Old Glacier

On August 18, Iceland wanted to raise awareness of what climate change was doing to the planet. Except, they wanted people to pay attention, more so than they do to tweets and articles about it.

So on Sunday, Iceland officials held a memorial to the country’s first glacier lost as a direct result of the climate getting warmer. The ice melted after being frozen for roughly 700 years. At the memorial, officials unveiled a bronze plaque with a caption that says if no action is taken, the same thing is expected to happen to all of Iceland’s glaciers over the next 200 years. 

  • Richard Williams, Roger Rabbit Creator, Dies at Age 86

Richard Williams, the famous animator who created Roger Rabbit and the animated Pink Panther series, died due to cancer at age 86. His work is often credited as a link between the classical style of animation and today’s CGI techniques and was still working in his private studio near his death.

Over to You

That’s a wrap on the viral topics of August. Which one were you surprised to hear about?