Viral Today: August 16, 2019

Some things are acquired tastes, and some things are so far outside the realms of normal flavor that it takes a moment to decide whether or not you even like it. That was the case for a woman who tasted kombucha for the first time, and her reaction video went viral August 16. 

A son’s thoughtfulness, a grizzly bear’s antics, Twitter’s collective anger at one corporate powerhouse have all taken the Internet by storm as well as the week draws to a close. 

A Rollercoaster of Emotion

Kombucha has become a cult classic beverage, popular with all sorts of health conscious crowds, but inspiring a lot of confusion from those who have never tried it. The vinegary, healthy bacteria rich drink has gotten some highly publicized attention from stars, and that’s what prompted Brittany Tomlinson to give kombucha a shot.

She first posted her reaction on TikTok, and in just a few seconds viewers see her opinion on the drink go from “no,” to “maybe,” to “no, I don’t think so.” At first, she says “no,” with great finality, but waits a moment and says “well…” before looking dissatisfied once again. The Internet has lovingly dubbed her kombucha girl, and the video has gone viral as a relatable meme. 

Ever the source for hilarious content, Twitter has made the kombucha girl clip their own, posting the video with a series of captions like: “‘Let’s go out tonight’ Me:” or “Me acquiring the taste for beer over the course of like 10 years.” 

As some of these memes have racked up more than 50,000 likes on their own, there’s no denying that the hilarious and relatable reaction of kombucha girl is the Internet’s favorite content this Friday. 

Other Viral Topics — August 16

  • Son surprises his mother with tribute to his late father 

Clayton Walker’s father passed away so early in his life that he only knows his dad from pictures, so his mother, Julia, raised him on her own. Now that Walker has reached adulthood, his family tells him often how much he looks like his dad, so he decided to orchestrate a tender moment for his mother. 

Before they went to the movies together, Walker put on one of his father’s shirts and invites his mom to come see. Her emotional reaction melted the hearts of everyone on the Internet, and the sweet video has now received millions of views. 

  • Backlash against Amazon advocates

Influencers are an integral part of the modern social media landscape, but Amazon hasn’t had great success with their fulfillment centers ambassador program. After questions about working conditions arose, the program was Amazon’s solution: paying employees to paint the centers in a positive light. 

Responses to an anti-Amazon Twitter thread on August 15 from ambassadors had users questioning whether all of the accounts were simply fake, and a hilarious series of parody accounts popped up by August 16. 

  • Grizzly grooves to scratch her itch

Humans often take their hands for granted. If you’ve ever had a cast, you know that there’s nothing more annoying than an itch you can’t scratch. An Ohio Zoo grizzly solved that problem by using the wall right next to a window as a scratching post. 

As she rocked her hips around the take care of the itch, someone snapped a video that has gone viral as it looks like she could also be in the middle of a fun dance party. 

Your Perspective

Have you ever tried kombucha? Would you surprise a loved one with a sentimental moment of remembrance for a family member that has passed away?