Viral Today: August 15, 2019

Moms are people too, and they need a little fun—that’s the overarching message in one of the Internet’s favorite viral videos on August 15, which features a mom shamelessly dancing with a kitchen appliance as her embarrassed daughter watches. 

A high school’s over-the-top commitment to football, and young boy’s unusual discovery, and new thrifty fast food deals are all picking up traction online, too, as the middle of the month offers up a wellspring of content. 

Make Your Own Fun

How many times have you been annoyed by a rattling ceiling fan, or the noisy ice machine in your refrigerator? One woman took the annoyance some might feel toward a squeaky oven door and turned it into a private dance party. 

Setting the squeaks to line up with the opening of Usher’s early-2000s hit “Yeah!” this mother swings along with the beat and thrashes back with a tea towel, at which point the camera pans to her daughter sitting several feet away, apparently embarrassed by the display. 

The video has made its rounds across the Internet, both a hilarious example of mother/daughter relationships, and a reminder that moms don’t just want to cook, clean, and take care of the household—they want to have some fun, too. 

While the daughter may have been embarrassed, nearly everyone else loved the display, some commenting that they wished their own ovens squeaked so they could do the same thing. 

Other Viral Topics — August 15

  • Texas high school unveils professional quality football facility

It’s no secret that football reigns supreme in Texas, and high school football games are more community events than extra curricular functions. Marshall High School exemplifies that fact with a new video of their football facilities that is quickly going viral. 

The video takes viewers on a sort of virtual tour from the entrance of the facility, to the weight room, to the player’s lounge, with each step along the way looking like it could belong to a college, or even a professional team. 

Still, Marshall pointed out that the football program had raised all of the money for the new facility themselves, perhaps another testament to the community’s commitment to the sport. 

  • McDonald’s wheels and deals with new dollar menu structure

Everyone loves a good bargain, and although McDonald’s is famous for their cost effective prices, their dollar menu has become smaller and smaller over the last 15 years or so, but they’ve put a new twist on the concept. 

Now, if customers buy certain full priced menu items, they can get some of the restaurant’s classics (like Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets) for just a dollar. This BOGO structure saves customers several dollars, and also encourages them to purchase more food. 

  • Ohio boy stumbles on ancient artifact 

A good outdoor play session can reinvigorate the day of any kid, but what happens when that play session turns into something of an archaeological expedition? That was exactly the case for a 12-year-old boy in Ohio who made a shocking discovery while playing in a creek. 

He found the upper third molar of a wooly mammoth, so large you might think that it was the mandible of a smaller animal. At more than 10,000 years old, the molar was quite a discovery for someone who hasn’t even hit their teen years. 

Over to You

Would you try to make a game out of a squeaky oven door, or donate big bucks to a high school football program? What would you do if you found a mammoth tooth while on a walk?