Viral Today: August 13, 2019

Every year, at least a handful of news stories lament excessively long waits on the tarmac as weary travelers grow more and more frustrated. One story that went viral on August 13 told of a different traveler attitude, though—you’ve heard of making lemonade out of lemons, so how about making a game out of a delay?

Plus, the Internet is also fawning over a public proposal made even better by an enthusiastic friend, among a few other trending topics. 

No Takeoff? No Problem

One traveler leaving from Atlantic City on August 11 passed the time before his plane taxied to the runway by playing rock-paper-scissors with an airline worker outside on the ground. The traveler’s girlfriend snapped a video of the game, and the Internet fell in love. 

The video had received more than 12 million views by the morning of August 13, and the Spirit Airlines worker identified himself with a joking comment about how the poster’s boyfriend had won most of the matches. 

Another later post showed the same worker playing another game of rock-paper-scissors with a different passenger—evidently he’s committed to making the lives of those waiting on board a little better, and the Internet loves him for it. 

Other Viral Topics — August 13

  • Sweet proposal made more memorable by an excited friend

A passerby named Alison Mah noticed the scene was set for a proposal to take place on the street, so she began recording a video. Though the proposal itself was an intimate and heartwarming moment, the show was stolen by a friend of the groom-to-be who was crouched in the corner, showering the couple with rose petals from a bag. 

The video, which now has more than 14 million views, initially received comments about the sweetness of the proposal itself, but it didn’t take long for Twitter users to zero in on the friend chucking rose petals as if it were his job. 

Users created memes, and even cropped the video to focus on the petal thrower. Ultimately, the joyful friend did his job well, because the proposal pictures feature rose petals raining down beautifully over the couple as they get engaged. 

  • Intoxicated Taylor wins the hearts of millions

Few celebrities divide public opinion as much as Taylor Swift, but the Internet collectively decided one thing about her over the weekend of August 11: she’s a fun drunk. 

The singer hosted a party on Saturday night, and by the morning of August 13, a video of her looking fairly intoxicated had gone viral. Commenters loved it, stating how she was exhibiting the kind of attitude they hope to keep up all summer. 

  • Norwegian artist rages against balloons

A visual artist posted a video on August 12, several minutes long, that features assorted (usually dangerous) methods of popping balloons. The Internet immediately latched on to screenshots and small clips from the video, creating countless memes from the content. 

flying balloons

Some of his methods include wearing a sort of crown fashioned with knives or standing inside a wooden square with knives taped around the perimeter. He took to Twitter to promote the video, and commenters were enamored with the bizarre hilarity of it all, remarking on how much danger he went through to show his hated for balloons. 

Tuesday Trends

Would you play rock-paper-scissors with an airline worker to pass the time on a plane? How likely are you to propose to someone publicly?