Viral Today: August 12, 2019

There’s nothing quite so entrancing to stiff-muscled laymen as the physical prowess of gymnasts, who make bending, bouncing, and aerial tumbling look effortless. There may be no greater gymnast today than Simone Biles, whose victory on the evening of August 11 went viral by the morning of August 12. 

The tenacity of the human spirit dominates viral news on August 12, as the Internet also turns its attention to a good Samaritan and some quick reflexes on the part of a startled driver. 

The Best in Modern History

Gymnastics often get a reputation of being somehow effeminate, but the reality is that the training and dedication it takes to perform as a gymnast at the competitive level rivals or exceeds that of any other sport. 

Simone Biles, at just 22 years old, won her sixth all-around title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City on the evening of August 11th. As a frame of reference, the last time someone achieved this same feat was in the 1950s. If Biles wins one more of these titles, she alone will hold the record for the most wins.

The championship, which is regarded as the start to Biles’ prep for the 2020 Olympics, didn’t just feature a record-tying win for the young gymnast. She also became the first woman ever to land a complicated move called a triple-double during the floor exercise portion of the competition. 

Team USA immediately took to Twitter to publicize the move, and the videos received thousands of likes, retweets, and comments in less than 12 hours. Fans commented that they needed to see the move in slow motion if their eyes were expected to keep up—a testament to the precision and speed Biles had to employ in order to land the trick. 

Other Viral Topics — August 12, 2019

  • Oklahoma airman pulls over to help elderly woman with groceries

They say the only truly good deeds are the ones performed when no one is watching; that’s precisely what Jibril Jennings thought he was doing when he pulled over to assist an elderly woman struggling to make the trek home on foot after buying groceries.

Temperatures had swelled to nearly 100 degrees in Oklahoma City, so when Jennings (dressed in his U.S. Air Force flight suit) saw Janice Hall struggling to carry her groceries home, he sprung into action. Jennings loaded up Hall’s groceries and drove her home; little did he know, someone parked nearby caught the whole exchange on video. 

After more than 3 million views, the video has gone solidly viral, and interest is likely to be renewed even further as Jennings has announced he has plans to fix Hall’s broken ramp at her home, in order to make her life easier. 

  • Driver swerves out of the path of a falling tree with no time to spare

A quick-thinking driver in Russia was caught on dash cam swerving out of the way when a tree began to fall directly in their path. 

The tree gave no warning, darting down toward the road in less than a second. Luckily, the driver wasn’t distracted, and quickly swerved off the road, avoiding any collision. Amazed viewers are quickly making the video pick up steam. 

Back to You

Would you ever try to land a move as audacious as Simone Biles’ triple-double? How about accepting a ride from a stranger if you were struggling to carry groceries home in the heat?