Viral Today: August 11, 2019

If you’re like practically anyone who has ever bought a box of Lucky Charms, you’ve probably wished on more than one occasion that your cereal contained a little less cereal and a little more marshmallow. A new announcement from Lucky Charms is about to make that wish come true, and it took the Internet by storm on August 11. 

This melt-in-your-mouth delight isn’t all the Internet loved on August 11—a video that served as a sweet reminder that there are plenty of good people left in the world also made its rounds, and it’s sure to warm your heart after weeks of tragic news. 

All Fluff, No Grain

Moms all around the world are likely cringing at a Lucky Charms announcement that first entered the web via the brand’s Instagram account, as well as their Twitter. The simple caption invoked the cereal’s well-known tagline, “magically delicious” with a photo of only their marshmallows in a plastic bag. 

This move comes after years of outcry from sweet-toothed fans who have been picking the marshmallows out of their cereal anyway. What’s more, a whole bag of these marshmallows will only cost $1.50, and there are just 100 calories per 15 piece serving.

As excited as the reaction got by August 11 for this new treat to be released in September, plenty of social media users asked the question on everyone’s mind: will they taste like Lucky Charms marshmallows, or just look like them? 

The company says the marshmallows are vanilla flavored and will be both larger and puffier than the variety found in the cereal. To some, this sounds like a more traditional marshmallow in the shape of the classic Lucky Charms rather than the denser, sweeter ones found in the cereal. 

Still, the viral announcement has generated all kinds of buzz, with many hungry fans curious about where they can buy the new product. According to Lucky Charms, their marshmallows are available at some major grocery chains already and should be available everywhere (for good) next month. 

Other Viral Topics — August 11, 2019

  • Young man consoles elderly woman on their flight to Nashville

Flying at any age can be traumatic, but imagine hopping on an airplane as you’re about to turn 96, having not traveled for the better part of two decades, and taking a cross-country trip. That was the situation for a woman on a Southwest flight from San Diego to Nashville, where she was catching a connection to visit family in Kansas City to celebrate her birthday. 

Luckily, a young man beside her had more than an average amount of empathy for the woman, who turned to him frequently throughout the trip for comfort. He held her hand and embraced her when the woman became distressed. 

The entire scene was so sweet that Megan Ashley, who was seated across the aisle, snapped a few pictures and felt compelled to share the story on Facebook. It took a few weeks for the story, which occurred in July, to pick up steam, but it had gone solidly viral by August 11. 

What’s Your Take?

How do you feel about the new Lucky Charms release? Would you be willing to spend your flight comforting someone in need?