Viral Today: 23 August 2019

Taylor Swift launched her new album, “Lover” and, oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack. In the classic Taylor Swiftesc way, she opened up about vulnerable moments from her past, shared intimate details, and has fans racking their brains trying to put all the puzzle pieces from her Lover video together. 

Are you tired of cleaning up after your partner? Well, this Japanese woman came up with a brilliant way of shaming her husband for leaving trash around the house.

Taylor Swift Opens Up in Her Latest Album, “Lover”

Yesterday, Taylor Swift released the video of her new single, “Lover, ” and soon after that, she made the entire album available online. Just as you’ve imagined, the video is gorgeous. It features Taylor and her love interest living in a house inside a snow globe.

Taylor revealed in an interview following the release of her album that the concept was inspired by a line from a song from her 1989 album.

Of course, Taylor being Taylor, there’s more than just meets the eye and there’s a hidden meaning behind everything she does. One fan noted that there are enough rooms in the snow globe to represent all of her albums. And, it makes perfect sense when you start watching the video. The first room is green and represents her debut album. The couple even hangs a picture on the wall, signifying a new beginning. The second room is yellow and represents her second album, Fearless. The couple is sitting upside down, playing board games, suggesting that they are young and daring. 

She Sings about Her Mother’s Battle with Cancer

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift likes to address different moments from her past and draws inspiration from her relationships. But “Soon You’ll Get Better,” is perhaps her most personal to date. In it, she talks about her mother’s battle with cancer. 

Back in 2015, Taylor revealed to her fans that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. At the beginning of this year, she shared that her mother is facing cancer again. 

The song talks about the moment she learned about the diagnosis and how she managed to cope with the news. In the live stream following the album release, Taylor said that the song was very hard to write and that she is not able to sing it. 

Taylor opened up so much in this album that she even shared hundreds of pages of journal entries spanning her entire career. 

Other Viral Trends on August 23

  • Japanese Women Posts about the Trash Her Husband Leaves and It’s Hilarious

How many times have you picked up your husband’s dirty socks from the floor or threw the disgusting leftover food that they assured you that they are going to eat? Spoiler alert: it’s been five days and the Mexican take out is still in the fridge.

This Japanese woman started posting about the trash her husband leaves around the house and her Instagram account is now going viral. She was sharing the photos with her close friends only, but she made the account public after someone suggested it. 

Over to You

If you haven’t already, then you should take a break and listen to Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s beautiful and, we may be getting ahead of ourselves but we dare to say full of hits.