Viral This Week- July 29 – Aug 4, 2019

Gordon Ramsey is known for stirring some pretty intense reactions online, but it’s possible he wasn’t even expecting the storm that came after the preview of a new “Uncharted” episode.

That, plus a monkey with better manners than humans, a very concerning view into the future, and a multi-million dollar lawsuit settled, are among the viral topics of last week.

Gordon Ramsay Shoots a Goat on TV and Cooks It, but the Internet Is Not Happy

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known chefs in the world, thanks in large part to his impressive TV career where he either shows his impressive skills or critiques those of others. The latter category is especially popular since Ramsay is known for having some fairly creative insults in his arsenal.

But though he is no stranger to controversy, he was probably not expecting this reaction from the viewers of Uncharted, a new show where the chef has to travel around the world to experience new cultures and new cuisines. The show’s premise was initially met with warm hearts, as many viewers were excited to live these moments through the eyes of Ramsay.

However, the episode in which he traveled to New Zealand’s South Island to discover more about the cuisine of Maori wasn’t for everyone. Ramsay teamed up with chef Monique Fiso who took the TV chef on a quick tour before sending whim to kill a goat for their meal.

But though the scenes about the Maori cuisine were fascinating, people criticized Ramsay and National Geographic for agreeing to kill a goat just for the show. One Twitter user called the chef ‘Just another thoughtless and cruel person, profiting from the fear, misery, suffering, and murder of innocent animals.”

But of course, not everyone mirrored these feelings. Many of Ramsay’s supporters were quick to point out one key aspect of the Maori people, which are traditionally hunters and who would always hunt and cook their meats immediately. It seems many felt that killing the goat on the show was integral to keeping true to Maori cuisine authenticity. 

Moreover, it seems like goats are somewhat of a pest in New Zealand. Feral goats are a big problem in the country and disrupt biodiversity in the region. Sure, that’s not exactly a green light to go trigger happy on all goats in the land, but the issue may not have been such a big deal as the internet wanted it to be.

Sometimes, You Just Can’t Win

chef gordon ramsay

This is the first time the internet has criticized Ramsay for his hunting. Albeit, the first time around people mocked him for not being able to pull the trigger. 

On an episode of “The F-Word” back in 2011, Ramsey and his crew went deer hunting, and when Bambi was finally in his sight, he just couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. In the end, he even said “maybe I’m becoming a vegetarian,” though that’s clearly not happened.

But if you watch the Youtube clip below, you’ll see a lot of people taking a swing at the chef. One user noted ‘He didn’t have any trouble killing his dinner on his other videos. What happened?’, while others pointed out that perhaps he was afraid he would just wound the deer and make it suffer because of his lack of shooting experience.


Either way, it’s rather clear that no matter want you do, there will always be people online to criticize you. Luckily, Ramsey doesn’t seem to care all that much about the criticism, since he’s too busy promoting the new season of MasterChef. Good for him!

Other Viral Topics of the Week

  • This Viral Video of a Monkey Drinking Water and Closing the Tap Is All You Need Today.
Monkey in the woods

The internet just can’t stop gushing at this video of a monkey drinking water from a tap. Like that’s not cute enough, the real surprise comes at the end, when the monkey is well hydrated and proceeds to close the tap before leaving.

Naturally, everyone is more than impressed by this. Who would have thought monkeys care about saving water?

  • The Coldest Place on Earth Is on Fire

The Arctic Circle, which spans from Norway to Iceland, Canada, and even parts of the USA has been considered for the longest time the coldest place on Earth. Well, it seems like global warming is rapidly changing that because the area is now facing a high number of wildfires, something that has never happened before.

This area is remote and free from inhabitants, so it was mostly left unaffected by human activity, being considered by many as one of the last pure places on the globe. However, it seems like even so, it was not at all safe from the consequences of pollution.

  • Did Katy Perry Steal Her Song from a Christian Rapper? The Jury Seems to Think so
katy perry

The jury is in, and decided Katy Perry and her team stole a 16-second musical riff for their hit song *Dark Horse.* Marcus Gray, a Christian rapper, and two other co-authors released “Joyful Noise,” the song which contains the riff, back in 2009. When Dark Horse hit the radios, Gray quickly noticed the song incorporates a sample from his work and filed a copyright infringement lawsuit five years ago.

Though Perry’s legal team argued the riff lacks complexity and uniqueness and is accessible to all writers, the 9-member jury thought otherwise. On July 29th, they found Perry and her team guilty of copyright infringement. Gray is set to receive $2.78 million for damages.

That’s all, Folks!

Say what you want about Gordon Ramsey, but the man really knows how to take public scrutiny. Which side of the debate where you on?