Viral This Week: August 17, 2019

What defines a life of luxury for you? A rolex watch, a massive home, or maybe a private plane? One comedian’s unusual spin on the private jet experience went viral this week, though it didn’t ultimately pan out the way you might expect. 

Another viral story about an expensive Tender date was found to be a hoax, but an unusually strong bird and some vintage mothering advice are both very real sensations that the Internet loved the week of August 17. 

Star Treatment—for A Moment or Two 

This week, Vincent Peone posted a story to Twitter detailing his “private plane” experience with Delta. Evidently, Peone was the only customer booked for a connecting flight, and rather than delaying him or canceling the flight like you might imagine they’d do, Delta went ahead with the trip—sort of. 

Peone’s photos and videos featured the early parts of his journey: boarding the empty plane, and taking his seat as the sole passenger on the flight. It turns out that, although Delta intended to run the flight as scheduled, it returned to the gate before taking off due to some mechanical issues.

Now, Peone is facing some criticism in light of the fact that he seemed to imply that he had enjoyed the entire flight as a private experience, when in reality he actually took an ordinary flight the following morning. 

In his defense, Peone said that everything he posted was true, and that he didn’t update the narrative because the stories he shares are positive and lighthearted. Delta confirmed that the flight would have taken off normally if not for the mechanical issues. 

Peone posted his explanation to Twitter on Thursday, August 15, explaining that viewers should consider themselves as having seem the director’s cut of the story. He ended the statement succinctly stating, “the story took off fast, but the plane didn’t.” 

Other Viral Topics This Week — August 17

  • Tender nightmare turns out to be a hoax

Earlier this week, a story went viral on Twitter and WhatsApp about an incredibly expensive first date. According to threads on the social media sites, a woman met with her Tinder date at a well-known London bar after a stressful day of work.

Throughout the evening, the pair supposedly ordered three bottles of wine, each of which they thought cost 50 euros. When the bill arrived, much to their horror, the two realized that each of the bottles had actually cost 5000 euros, for a total bill of 15000. 

The story ended by explaining that the woman, a “friend” of the original poster couldn’t cover the bill and had to set up automatic withdrawals from her account for a decade to cover it. Shrewd Twitter users immediately came out of the woodwork, pointing out that no bottle of wine that expensive appears on the menu at the establishment in question.

Ultimately, the entire thing was proven false when multiple publications reached out to the bar asking for verification, and they confirmed that no such event took place at their watering hole. 

  • Determined bald eagle shows off its strength 

Like most raptors, bald eagles have a reputation for being skilled hunters. One specimen on the St. Croix River exhibited just how skilled a hunter it is earlier this week; a group came upon the eagle floating in the water, and they worried that it had been injured. 

As they got closer, they could see that it was clinging to a large fish beneath the surface. The fish was evidently too large for the eagle to lift out of the water, so it used its wings to paddle to the shore, at which point it was able to lift itself up enough to drag the fish onto land. 

It turned out that the eagle had caught a massive muskie, and although the fish struggled to get back in the water, the eagle dug its talons in and pulled it further to land. Twitter blew up with the video, and it got hundreds of thousands of views within the first few days of being posted. 

The original poster also added an update from about an hour after the initial video, where the eagle is seen in the same spot, and the muskie appears about half eaten. Twitter is smitten with the bird, and the video continues to rack up views as the week draws to a close.

  • Outdated instructions for caring for babies give moms a good laugh

In the age of helicopter parenting, everyone is interested in finding the definitive best way to raise a child. There are plenty of theories out there, and ultimately every parent must decide what works best for their family dynamic, but the Internet largely agrees that some decades-old advice that went viral this week isn’t the right move, regardless of your parenting style. 

The post originated in a mothers’ Facebook group, and is essentially a schedule for new mothers to follow as they try to establish a routine for their babies. Commenters think that the schedule was probably written in the 1950s, and it features some questionable assumptions. 

For example, the advice tells mothers their babies will sleep all the way from 11 at night to 6 in the morning, and suggests giving babies orange juice every afternoon. Mothers may not be taking the advice seriously, but it provided a good laugh. 

What’s Your Take?

Would you have posted about a private plane experience if the plane never actually left the ground? Have you ever watched a bird of prey take on an especially large meal?