Is This Viral Photo about Backless Seat on EasyJet Flight Real?

The airline says no.

EasyJet was under scrutiny after a photo of a woman sitting on a backless seat on one of their flights went viral on Twitter. The user that shared the photo claimed that the airline introduced “backless seat on their flights.” The company’s answer was a categorical no.

What Happened

A Twitter user was outraged that a woman was made to sit on a backless seat on an EasyJet flight from Geneva to Luton. As it turns out, the airline was just as surprised by the event. They tweeted the user back, asking him to remove the photo and send them a direct message. 

The user refused, claiming that the photo is real. A partner of him took it as the plane was preparing for departure.

According to the airline, the seat was indeed broken and awaiting repairs, but passengers weren’t permitted to sit on it. The user tweeted back that “One has to wonder how safe the rest of the plane was. He added that the woman moved to a spare seat once everyone had boarded the plane, but wasn’t sure what would have happened if the plane would have been fully booked. 

According to the airline, if that were to happen, the two passengers would have been offered an alternative flight. The company has very strict safety rules and no one would have been allowed to sit on a broken seat during the flight. 

“Safety is our highest priority and easyJet operates its fleet of aircraft in strict compliance with all safety guidelines,” said the company in a press release following the incident. 


Some people complain about turbulence or the fact that the peanut bag is too small. The travelers on this flight had to deal with a broken seat. How did the company handle the situation?