Hailstone the Size of Baseball Pelted Canada

How many hints about climate change does nature have to drop (pun definitely intended.) The city of Edmonton, Alberta was hit by a massive storm that brought huge hailstone. Some were even as big as a baseball

We Have Never Seen Hail This Big”

On Friday, 2nd August, Alberta was put under “tornado watch,” so people were getting ready to face a strong storm. However, they weren’t expected to get hit by a massive hailstorm on Friday night. 

A lot of people took to Twitter to show the sheer size of the ice balls. Some use coins, fruits, tennis balls or even baseballs to depict the impressive size of the hailstones. The photos went viral quickly as many couldn’t believe it. Some claim that they’ve never seen hail this big in their entire lives.

The next day, people started documented the damages: dents, smashed windshields and damaged crop.

It Got Worse

According to reports, Spruce Grove was one of the areas hardest hit. Environment Canada claims that it recorded hail the size of grapefruits, some with a diameter as large as 80 to 120 mm. 

So, why does this happen? Research shows that as the climate gets warmer, the updrafts increase and more moisture becomes available. As a consequence, scientists expect that both the size and frequency of hail to increase. According to The National Center for Atmospheric Research, the climate in the near future will favor m strong thunderstorms, and with that hail is to be expected. 

Over to You

Have you ever experienced hail so big? These ones were so big that the concept of “stone” doesn’t make them justice.