Viral Today: June 29

The thermometers turned red at the end of June in France, as the country recorded its hottest temperatures to date. The number will make you want to turn the air conditioning unit on immediately.

Did you ever wonder how the movie The Bodyguard would have looked like if Princess Diana would have starred in it? And, do you believe in heaven? You might after reading this story. 

Europe Heatwave: France Records Its Hottest Temperature to Date

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An extreme heatwave baked Europe this week, with temperatures reaching record highs in parts of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Spain. France recorded its highest temperature to date: 45.9 degrees Celsius (114.6 Fahrenheit, ) 1.8 degrees higher than the previous record in 2003.

The heat was so extreme that schools were closed during exams, something that has never happened before. Officials were also forced to postpone some public events. The Women’s World Cup was scheduled for evenings during the week. 

The intense heat also led to a massive wildfire in Spain. It spans across 10,000-acre and it’s one of the largest that Catalonia has seen in over 20 years. 

The heatwave that hit the European continent comes after a series of extremely high temperatures in different parts of the world. A heatwave in India has killed dozens as the temperatures reached as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Even Greenland was 4.4 degrees Celsius warmer than usual, causing the largest ice melt this early in the season to date

The Impact of Extreme Heat

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Scientists tend to agree that high temperatures have a bigger impact on the body than cool ones. Extreme heat makes it difficult for the body to cool down, increasing the risks of conditions like heat stroke or heat exhaustion. It also puts immense stress on the circulatory system and worsens air quality, making it difficult to breathe. The lack of access to inadequate cooling is another factor that makes extreme heat so dangerous. 

It’s what happened in Europe in 2003 when close to 30,000 were killed when the temperatures reached 13 degrees above the average during that period of the year. One of the problems was that the continent was not equipped to face this type of heat. For instance, less than two percent of houses in Germany have air conditioning. Moreover, Europe is intensely urbanized, with over 72% of the population living in cities. The packed buildings of steel and concrete are fast to absorb heat, leading to temperatures that are hotter than in rural areas. 

The heatwave that hit Europe (and parts of the world) was another wake-up call regarding the hazards of climate change. 

Other Topics That Went Viral on June 29

  • Lady Diana Almost Played in “The Bodyguard” Sequel

The Bodyguard is a classic movie with a world-breaking soundtrack. It has everything a romantic thriller needs: two actors with great chemistry, some scenes that make your heart race, and others that make you sob. 

Kevin Costner recently revealed that there were discussions about a sequel, featuring Princess Diana. According to the actor, Lady D was very sweet and respectful on the phone when they discussed the idea. Unfortunately, the production studio wasn’t very excited about it and rejected it in the end. 

  • Woman Wakes up after Pronounced Dead for 27 Minutes. This Is The First Thing She Does

Madie Johnson posted a picture of her tattoo on social media and the story behind it. “It’s real” reads the scribble on her wrist, and the explanation is as beautiful as it is extraordinary. According to Johnson, her aunt Tina suffered a cardiac arrest one year ago. The doctors declared her dead, although they said that her uncle and the first responders have brought her back to life four times. At the hospital, she was hooked to a defibrillator when she miraculously woke up. That after reportedly being dead for 27 minutes. 

She was intubated and couldn’t speak, but the first thing she did was to ask for a pen and paper. “It’s real,” she wrote, pointing to the sky.

The post was shared on Instagram by Madie Johnson and quickly went viral. 

  • Lady Jack Sparrow who Married a 300-Year-Old Pirate in 2018 Is Now Divorcing Him
pirate flag

Amanda Teague became a viral sensation in 2018 when she announced that she is marrying the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate named Jack. The woman, who also works as a Jack Sparrow impersonator, said that she met the ghost in 2014, and fell in love with him quickly after. 

The Pirate visited her in bed and started communicating for more than six months after they became intimate. The ghost told her that he was left at the altar once. 

Amanda Teague wanted to take the relationship to the next level and married Jack in 2018. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between the two, and the woman recently announced that Jack and she are partying ways. According to Amanda, the pirate tried to kill her when he learned about her intentions. She was able to save herself after ending the relationship through an exorcism session. 

  • Botswana Is Legalizing Elephant Hunting
elephant hunting

With over 1,35,000 elephants, Botswana is facing a major overpopulation problem and is ready to take action. According to government officials, the problem is getting out of control and the number of conflicts between elephants and humans is increasing at a fast pace. So, they decided to lift the hunting ban in an effort to keep the population under control. 

Zimbabwe, who is facing a similar problem, opted for a different solution: the country is going to sell its excess elephants to nations that need them. 

The news went viral on the internet as it divided people. Some criticized the decision while others showed support. What side are you on? 

To Conclude

We hope that you managed to stay cool this week. Here’s an idea for when the summer days get unbearable: blast the AC, get some lemonade, and watch The Bodyguard, imagining how it would have looked like with Lady D starring it.