Viral Today: June 28

Some people hold the great honor of being loved and respected, almost universally. Ask anyone, and the Dalai Lama would mostly fit this category. But even he isn’t immune to controversy, especially when his comments regarding a potential female successor reached the Twitterverse. 

Keep reading to find out more about why the Dalai Lama’s comments rubbed people the wrong way, and other viral topics from June 28.

Is the Dalai Lama Okay with a Female Successor? Sort of

Dalai Lama Apologizing

The Dalai Lama is possibly one of the best-known faith leaders of present times. The monk has an image of promoting ideas of peace, and those who have met him often praise how down to earth and regular he seems, despite his genuine fame.

But there is one quote from the Dalai Lama that most likely will not be turned into a Facebook post anytime soon. It seems that when it comes to equality between potential male and female Dalai Lamas, the monk has some pretty strong opinions.

In one very intimate interview with BBC News, one of the Dalai Lama’s statements from 2015 was brought back into question. At the time, the faith leader was asked about the possibility of the new leader to be a woman. The Buddist monk then replied that if that would be the case, then the new reincarnation needed to be “attractive.” Otherwise, she would be of “not much use.”

The new interview laid the ground for the Dalai Lama to give more details about that statement. And, in fairness, he did

When it was brought to his attention that his comments could be interpreted as an objectification of women, he added that he was also referring to inner beauty, but insisted that human beings are still attracted to outer beauty, so the appearance of the female reincarnation of the Dalai Lama would also be as important as what’s on the inside. He used Buddist literature to back up his claims, but Rajini Vaidyanathan, his interviewer, did not seem impressed. And neither was anyone online.

The Public Reaction that Made the Monk Apologize


Shortly after the new and old comments of the Dalai Lama hit the web, people began expressing their thoughts. And the vast majority of them were not in support of the Buddist monk.

Some were flat out disappointed with the Dalai Lama’s “inappropriate”/and “sexist” views, particularly in a time where issues like gender discrimination and assault are under a microscope. Others dug up other faux pas in the Dalai Lama’s public statements, like the time he urged people to “keep Europe for Europeans” and called for “African and Muslim’ migrants to be sent home. However, some supporters claimed in disbelief that his comments were made as a joke. 

Because the backlash was so strong online, the Dalai Lama’s representatives issued a public statement on July 3 saying the monk is “deeply sorry that people have been hurt by what he said and offers his sincere apologies.” It also tries to explain the monk’s comments were made as a joke but did not translate well beyond the cultural barrier.

It seems even the Dalai Lama isn’t immune from public scrutiny after all.

Other Viral Topics on June 28

  • USA Women’s Soccer Team Qualifies for the Semi-Finals. And the Public Loves It
USa Women's Soccer Team

On June 28, many people around the globe were thrilled to see the US National Women’s Soccer Team make it to the World Cup Semi-Finals after they beat the French national team. For a country that doesn’t care all that much about soccer, it seems that the US women’s team rise to victory quickly sparked a national interest in the sport.

Many people took to social media to celebrate the event and cheer the team on as they would eventually win the world cup.  Part of the media buzz surrounding the girls was also due to their co-captain Megan Rapinoe’s comments about a possible invite to the White House after the World Cup.

When asked about the possibility of receiving an invitation from Donald Trump, Rapinoe was quick to clarify that neither she nor her teammates would honor such an invitation as long as Trump is still in office. This statement greatly divided the public, with Trump supporters criticizing Rapinoe for being *un-American,” while others praised the co-captain’s stance and continued to cheer them on into the finals.

  • Video of a Woman Licking an Ice Cream Goes Viral? Yes, But It’s Not as Innocent as It Sounds
woman licking icecream

Picture this: you go to the supermarket to do some shopping and you pick up some ice cream. You get home and start enjoying your treat, not thinking much about it. But what if that tub of ice cream was licked by someone and put back on the shelf?

The thought itself sends shivers of “eww” down anyone’s spine. And it’s exactly what a lot of people thought when a video of a woman doing this exact same thing went viral. The video depicts a woman holding a Blue Bell tub of ice cream in her hand. Off-camera, a friend is telling her to lick it and then put it back, which is exactly what she did before walking away smiling. 

Perhaps she thought it was just a simple stunt and nothing would come of it? Wrong. Lufkin Police Department announced on July 4 it was launching an investigation into the viral video, and already identified the woman in the video. Police also confirmed the supermarket removed all the Blue Bell products similar to the one in the video from its shelves. 

Over to you

From remarks that make the world critique a faith leader to a whopping victory of an underdog soccer team, and a prank gone terribly wrong, these are the top viral stories from June 28. Which one had you buzzing on your social media?