Viral Today: June 27

Not all the news is negative, no matter what we think when we imagine common newsreels. Some can actually warm your heart, which is exactly what this story that made the rounds on June 27 did. Fresh Fruit Mobile Market pledges to get fresh produce in those areas of Chicago where the people don’t have regular access to it in a very ingenious way.

Read on to find out more about this great move to improve local communities and more viral stories from June 27!

Chicago City Buses Turned Mobile Produce Stands

fresh produce

A lot of people can take fresh produce for granted. For many, getting your hands on fruit and vegetables is just a few steps away or a short car ride to the nearest market. It’s always there, ready to be taken home and enjoyed.

But not everyone is privileged to enjoy fresh produce whenever they want to. Some areas, commonly known as “fruit deserts” are becoming an increasing problem in certain urban areas, where people don’t have access to healthy food options. 

Chicago is currently facing this problem. According to the Chicago Reporter, a third of the population here is made up of African Americans, and almost 80% of them live in areas with low or volatile access to healthy foods. 

How do you fix this issue? Well, the city tried putting more supermarkets in these affected areas, but the neighborhoods that are most affected by the lack of fresh produce still struggle with convincing the supermarkets to set up shop here. Instead, supermarket owners prefer to go to the areas where there’s already at least some access to fresh produce, as they perceive the people there has more buying power.

But the Urban Growers Collective created a project that seeks to solve this issue. The Fresh Moves Mobile Market initiative takes old city buses and converts them into mobile produce stand to bring fresh fruits and veggies to these food desert areas.

The project is created in partnership with the Mayor’s Office and the City of Chicago and is supported by Chicago Transit Authority.

What Impact Does It Have?

The Fresh Moves Market has already been around for a while and reportedly helped 10,000 Chicago citizens gain access to over 17,000 tons of fresh produce in 2018. The story of the mobile food market started to gain traction once again when several media outlets shared the news on their websites and social media accounts. 

The story gathered reactions from many people, mostly who were applauding the  Urban Growers Collective for their project. Others were advocating for the necessity of similar types of projects in their neighborhoods.

People living in these food deserts are 55% more likely to develop diabetes and be overweight. Not to mention, a whopping $71 billion in healthcare costs could potentially be saved if people had access to healthy foods and followed a cleaner diet. Initiatives like the Fresh Moves Market have a tangible impact on society, so this story could not have gone unnoticed.

Other Viral Topics on June 27

  • Maybe You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Device Charging in Your Bed? This English Boy Certainly Won’t Anymore
cellphone charging

Everyone owns a smartphone or tablet these days, so all the myths surrounding the dangers of them don’t really hold any traction anymore. Remember all that talk about cellular phones causing cancer? Yeah, you won’t find many people to believe that these days.

But some myths may not be so mythical after all. Eleven-year-old Callum Hewkin had left a tablet charging in the bed he was sleeping in for around nine hours. In the morning, Callum woke up to see his tablet had burned a hole in the mattress, just inches away from him, and the entire room filled to smoke. 

Firefighters stated a fire could have started if they arrived at the scene just 10 minutes late. Thankfully, young Callum is all fine, but his story will certainly make most people think twice before they leave their charging phone next to them overnight. 

  • Bride and Groom Dance? Nah. How about Bride and Bride’s Dog Dance?
playing with dog

Every time you’re feeling a bit sad and need to cheer up, just take a look at this adorable video of a bride dancing with her dog on Footloose. It’s 100% guaranteed to have you all smiles.

Celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson Devine wanted to do something special for her Las Vegas Wedding. Topping any wedding scenario here is no easy task, but luckily for Sara, her dog Hero has some serious moves. They regularly perform for international television shows and events and were even contestants on America’s Got Talent in 2017. So they brought a dance performance for the wedding to the famous eighties Footloose song, much to the guests’ surprise and obvious amusement. 

Dog videos already have the potential of going viral on the sheer power of puppy cuteness alone. But when the dog also moonwalks and jumps through hand hoops – that’s internet gold!

  • Want to Quit Your Job? This May Just Be the Most Epic Way to Do It
office moving

Who doesn’t have a fantasy about quitting their job? Well, one employee in Sheffield, England, got to act out his resignation fantasy and inspire a bunch of other people to chip in with their stories. Sam Baines announced his boss he would be leaving his call center job by giving him a condolence card

The card read “So very sorry for your loss” on the front and ‘Thinking of you at this difficult time” inside. Haines scribbled in “My last day of work is the 28th July” with a blue pen.

To Conclude

This recount of viral stories from June 27 sure had a lot of diverse topics, didn’t it? Remember to save that dancing dog video for rainy days, it’s guaranteed to put a smile even on the frowniest of faces!