Viral Today: June 25

How does a hashtag celebrating one of the world’s greatest chefs become a key tool to promote mental health awareness online? It all started on June 25 when some of late Chef Anthony Bourdain’s friends decided to celebrate his memory using the most powerful gimmick on social media: the hashtag. 

Find out more about how this story went viral, and other great things that took off on June 25. One of them could even help you see if you’d ever make it as Beyonce’s assistant!



Chef Anthony Bourdain would have celebrated his 63rd birthday on June 25. Fellow chefs Eric Ripert and Jose Andres did not want to let this day go by unnoticed, so they released a short video on Instagram to commemorate the late chef’s birthday. Additionally, they called on their followers to join in on the celebration by posting their own birthday thoughts using the hashtag #BourdainDay.

In the video, Andres states that they hoped “everybody is going to be celebrating in every place around the world, and they’re going to be putting the video up.” The group toasted their drink around plates of food in memory of Bourdain, and soon thousands of similar posts flooded social media, all utilizing the #BourdainDay.

Bourdain was one of the most beloved American chefs, having worked on countless culinary platforms across various media. The news of his untimely death shocked the masses, particularly when it was revealed that Bourdain took his own life. Bourdain’s own family could not believe it, as there were no signs of mental struggles.

How the Hashtag Put the Spotlight in Suicide Prevention

suicide prevention counselling

After it was announced that Bourdain had taken his own life, many people, celebrities included, took to social media to discuss the importance of taking an active step towards suicide prevention. However, as with any viral topic, as time went on, the outcry lost momentum.

But that changed on June 25 thanks to the #BourdainDay hashtag. Though Eric Ripert and Jose Andres initially encouraged people to use the hashtag to wish the late chef happy birthday and say how his work affected them, many took the opportunity to rekindle the conversation about mental health, and how important it is to spread awareness of it. 

Comic book artist Matthew Dow Smith shared his own experience with depression via Twitter. In a thread talking about his struggles, Smith confessed that it was Bourdain who helped him feel better, as he would ‘blow off work for a day and sit watching Anthony Bourdain’s NO RESERVATIONS for hours.” The artist says the show made him feel “more grounded, more in control.”

The hashtag inspired people from all around the world to share their stories, and encourage others to reach to suicide prevention organizations if they need help. The hashtag is still active today to spread mental health awareness. 

Other Topics That Went Viral on June 25

  • You Probably Won’t Make It as Beyonce’s Assistant (Sorry)

Who doesn’t love a good choose your own adventure type of game? Well, a 19-year-old spent roughly 5 hours creating the best one on Twitter. Play it, and you can find out if you have what it takes to be the Queen Bey’s assistant

The questions are very detailed as the choices Landon Rivera (the thread creator) imagines Beyonce’s assistant should have to make on a regular basis are probably very difficult. It includes everything from seemingly simple questions like what would the artist have for breakfast to the ever so difficult how to handle the paparazzi surrounding your boss.

The thread even had some other celebrities joining in on the fun. Chrissy Teigen admitted she only lasted a few rounds, while her own assistant got fired on the very first question. Yikes!

  • Excuse Me, What? Vegetarian Water?
glass full of water

Just when you think you’ve seen everything on the internet, something new comes up and surprises you. Have you ever had the pleasure in indulging in some vegetarian water? Because apparently, it’s a thing, at least if you believe one ad for a water purifier. Of course, nobody online did.

The ad itself tells you that this purifier eliminates all viruses and bacteria that may be found in a typical glass, and goes so far as to call the resulted water as “safe, pure vegetarian.” Needless to say, the internet had a lot to say about it. Some even expressed sadness towards all the vegetarian and vegan people who had to drink non-veg water all these years…

  • Cuteness Overload: Three White Tiger Cubs Make Their First Appearance at an Austrian Zoo
white tiger cubs

The white tiger, also known as the Bengal tiger, is officially considered an endangered species considering there are reportedly only 2,500 of them worldwide. So the news that three new baby cubs were introduced to the public on June 25 at Weisser zoo in Kernhof, Austria quickly made the rounds globally.

Well, the video of their cuteness in all its glory certainly helped to spread the news. Just look at these adorable slightly larger kittens and how happy they are! 

Though they were born on May 7, 2019, zookeepers wanted to make sure the cubs were in perfect health before they present them to the public for the first time. So, they remained in a different area with their mother until it was time for their first appearance. The three little cubs are named Hector, Pasha, and Zeus, and once they get a bit older they will most likely be donated to other zoos. 

Signing off

Looks like June 25 was kind of a rollercoaster, right? From spreading awareness of mental health and hearing heartbreaking personal stories of people to finding out you (most likely) won’t make is as Bey’s assistant, and the water you’re drinking right now isn’t vegetarian, this day certainly had a lot to unpack.

We hope you at least unwind with some snaps of cute white tiger cubs!