Viral Today: June 24

Twitter users are trying not to get fired by Beyonce on a thread that got viral on June 24, 2019. And, a dog walks in a pharmacy with an injured paw. Oh, my, it seems like a day full of funny and adorable stories. We’ll tell you all about them and some more below, so keep on reading. 

Celebrity: Try Not to Get Fired as Beyonce’s Personal Assistant

Beyonce Knowles

You were hired as Beyonce’s personal assistant and it’s your first day on the job. Queen B will be attending a red carpet event today and your first task is to choose her breakfast. Make the wrong choice and you will get fired. 

That’s how a Twitter thread that went viral started. 

19-year-old Landon Rivera from Los Angeles is the creator behind the thread. She came up with different scenarios that imagine a day in Beyonce’s life. Your task as her assistant is not to get fired. It may sound easy enough, but few are able to make it through the day. 

You have a lot of decisions to make. You must choose the lighting for her photoshoot, make sure she is well fed and hydrated, and decide whether she will spend the night at a motel or share a hotel room with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. One wrong decision, and you will receive a termination letter from her lawyers. 

Landon started the thread as a joke and never expected for it to get viral. Her Twitter following has doubled since the thread went viral, reaching 29,800 in just a few short days. And, for good reasons – the game is fun, engaging, and captivating.

Even Celebrities Got Hooked

Chrissy Teigen

Other celebrities also started playing along. Chrissy Teigen, for instance, shared on her Twitter account that she got fired rather quickly after only three tries. Her personal assistant, on the other hand, got fired from the first try.  Now, that’s just how demanding being Queen B’s personal assistant is. 

Have you tried playing? How many questions did you get right?

Other Viral Topics on June 24

  • Stray Dog Walks into Pharmacy with Injured Paw
homeless hungry dog

It’s not for nothing that dogs are a man’s best friend. They can feel when we are scared or sad and protect us. They are their happiest when they see us and they have learned to trust us and look for our help when they need it. 

In this adorable video that went viral on social media, you can see a stray dog asking for help from a pharmacist. The furry friend is sitting in front of the pharmacy’s door with a fragile expression on his face. When the pharmacist, Banu Cengiz goes to see what’s wrong, the dog shows her its injured paw. Banu cleaned the wound, applied medicine, and then fed the dog. 

According to the pharmacist, the dog had laid down as if to thank her once she was done. 

The video went viral on Twitter as it felt the hearts of internet users with pure joy.

  • Japan Cancels 26 Trains Because of a Slug
Tiny Slug

A tiny slug has been found responsible for the major power outages that disrupted rail traffic in Japan at the end of May. The creature found its way inside the electrical power device and created chaos. 26 trains were canceled and over 12.000 passengers failed to reach their destination in time. 

Over to You

Did you manage to survive a day as Beyonce’s assistant? This game is so captivating that we will surely hear about it for a while.