Viral Today: June 23

A man dressed in a furry suit in an unusual lion escape drill and a woman woke up in pitch dark in an empty airplane. Their reaction? You will have to read on to find out about it. 

Quite a few stories went viral on June 23, 2019. Some are unintentionally funny, some are a bit odd, and others are just haunting. Keep on reading because you are on a fun ride! 

Cute: Japan Zoo Holds “Escaped Lion Drill.” Watch the Real Lions’ Reaction


One moment of inattention can turn a fun day at the zoo into a horror story. It only takes a distracted zookeeper or a faulty system for a dangerous animal to get out. How will the personnel react to such an event? Or better yet, how can you prepare for this type of situation?

The Tobe Zoo in Ehime, Japan, organized an “escape lion” drill in June. At one point, the animal is facing its captors, who are armed with nets and poles. All of a sudden, the animal starts running towards them and knocks one of the zookeepers to the ground. His colleagues run towards him, making sure he is alright.

It all sounds like a terrifying scene. Only that, instead of horror, the moment made everyone laugh. The “escaped lion” was actually a man dressed in a furry suit, trying to act as a confused and angry lion (not very convincing, to be honest.) 

The video of the drill was shared on Twitter and it went viral. It got over four million views and counting as people can’t help but laughing out loud while watching the clumsy man in a furry costume, walking around the zoo. 

But, the best part about the video is the real lions’ reaction to the whole thing. They look unimpressed by the zookeeper’s acting skills. 

Zoo Drills in Japan Are a Regular Thing

After the video was released on Twitter, people started posting extremely funny comments. As it turns out, these types of drills are common in Japan. One of the users said that they did a rhino drill at the zoo he is working at and drove a golf car around with a “rhino” label on it. 

The drill ended after the fake lion was shot with a fake gun and covered in netting before presumably being taken away for a shower and a nice, cool glass of water. After all, it must have been quite hot in that furry suit. 

Other Viral Topics on June 23

  • Woman Wakes up in a Locked and Empty Airplane
Air Canada Airplane

Never in her life would Tiffani Adams imagine that she would wake up alone and locked in the plane when she boarded her flight from Quebec to Toronto on June 9. The woman fell asleep halfway through the 90 minutes flight only to wake up hours later in a dark and empty plane, parked in Toronto.

According to a message that she posted on Air Canada’s Facebook page, she woke up freezing cold, strapped to her chair and in pitch dark. Ms. Adams said she had a panic attack and was convinced that she was having a nightmare. She tried calling a friend, but her phone died before she was able to let them know what happened. 

Somehow, Ms. Adams managed to get to the cockpit where she found a torch. She was able to open the airplane door but was 50 ft above ground and unable to get down. She sat there for hours until a man driving a luggage cart passed the plane and saw her. 

The post went viral on Facebook and got thousands of likes and comments. Some are finding difficult to believe that Ms. Adams slept through the landing and deboarding procedures. However, Air Canada officials are saying that they are looking into the incident. 

  • Are You Brave Enough to Go on These Ghost Tours?
Haunted House

Buzzfeed asked its community to share some of the most haunting ghost tours they’ve ever attended. The post went viral as people started talking about some of the most spooky places they’ve visited. 

One user recounted the time she spent at The Stanley Hotel, where the movie “The Shining” was filmed. According to the guide, many people died while building the hotel and their ghosts often make an appearance to ensure that the guests are having a good time. According to the user, he took a picture in a dark hallway. When he developed the photo, he noticed two orbs next to him. 

Follow this link here to read more similar stories. They will keep you glued to the screen. 

  • Sophie Turner Wore a Lovely Gown at Her Pre-Wedding Celebration
Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Jon Jonas’ wedding festivities have begun with a pre-wedding party taking place last night. Turner wore her most beautiful bridal dress yet – a white column gown with matching white sandals. It was simple but very elegant and charming at the same time. Jonas wore a black and white pinstriped suit with a white button-up shirt and white sneakers.

The couple is allegedly spending the week in France going to dinners, taking boat rides, and enjoying each other’s company. 

People are eager to see how the ceremony will look like as the couple already said yes in a chapel in Vegas. According to Vanity Fair, the official ceremony will be stylish and elegant, but also a bit quirky. 

Back to You

We hope that this list made your day a bit brighter (or at least more interesting.) Be careful next time you are boarding a plane. Apparently, it is possible to be forgotten and locked inside the craft. And, if you are traveling to Japan, make sure to visit a zoo too. Maybe you are lucky enough to witness one of those funny drills. And if you do, we’ll love to hear all about it.