Viral Today; June 21

Who would win in a fight between Justin Bieber and Captain Ivan Drago? Now, that’s a confrontation you wouldn’t want to miss. Talking about things you wouldn’t want to miss, we bet that you would like to hear the story of Samuel L. Jackson’s first kiss. 

Let’s find out more about the viral stories of June 21, 2019. They are star-filled and absolutely insane – we promise. 

Celebrity Fake-Match: Justin Bieber vs. Drago Impersonator 

Justin Bieber

Picture this: you wake up and go about your day. You stop by a restaurant to get lunch when a fake Ivan Drago challenges you to a fight. Would you accept it? 

That’s what happened to Justin Bieber on June 21, 2019. If it seems a bit odd, then you need to learn about the entire story because it’s just as funny as it is bizarre. 

At the beginning of June, Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in an Octagon. The singer wrote on Twitter that if Cruise will not take the fight, then it means he is scared. Why Bieber tweeted that no one knows. The singer messaged again a few days later saying that he wasn’t serious and that he says things like that from time to time. He even confessed that he would probably get his ass kicked by Tom Cruise.

However, TMZ reported the following days that it may be something to the Tweet still. There is no known beef between Bieber and Cruise, so the fight would be purely for entertainment purposes. 

UFC President Dana White said that he doesn’t think that Tom Cruise will accept the challenge as he has better things to do. But, if he does, then Dana will make the necessary arrangements. 

So far, Tom Cruise didn’t say anything about the event. Truth be told, he is not on Twitter. 

So, hypothetically speaking, if the fight were to take place, is it worth asking: who do you think would win? 

Challenge Not Accepted

Tom Cruise

Of course, the story went viral and the Internet starting mocking Bieber’s Tweets. That’s where the fake Drago comes into the scene. 

The Drago impersonator showed up at a restaurant in LA where Bieber was having lunch and challenged him to a “real fight” – a reference to the star’s message on Twitter. The impersonator was wearing full boxing gear and was ready to throw hands at Bieber. The singer didn’t respond to the challenge, though.

This is not the first time the Ivan Drago impersonator is challenging celebrities to a fight. According to TMZ, the fake Drago showed up at YouTube star, Paul Logan’s house and challenged him to a fight. The news site reports that Logan accepted and they ended up fighting in his backyard. Apparently, the fake captain, who is a rising social media star, does stunts like these ones that get viral. 

Other Viral Topics on June 21

  • The Story of Samuel L. Jackson’s First Kiss
Samuel Jackson

We don’t know about you, but every time the name Samuel L. Jackson comes up, we expect a high level of badassery and a lot of swearing. So, we weren’t quite prepared for a story this sweet about the actor’s first kiss. 

Jackson and Regina Hall, the two stars of the new movie Shaft, sat down with Buzzfeed and talked about their dreams, their celebrity crushes, and their first kiss. 

According to the video, Jackson was about nine or ten and he was playing “Spin the bottle.” His first kiss was with a girl up his street and it was, as he put it “eclectic.”

You should watch the entire video because it’s loads of fun and full of other incredible stories (like the one where they had to save John Travolta from insane fans at Cannes.)

  • Secret Things Guys Don’t Tell Us

A Reddit thread became viral on June 21 when user mustafarangoon52 asked the community to share guy secrets that girls have no idea about. Oh, and Reddit delivered. 

In addition to the funny jokes, some users got quite candid and shared some truly intimate secrets. For instance, someone confessed that he is consciously trying to not intimidate people and restrains himself from talking with girls even though he just wants to say something like ‘hey, cool t-shirt.”

Another user said that he hates being told to man up and he likes expressing his feelings. 

Oh, and apparently, it’s true: men have to carry all groceries at once. Otherwise, it means they have failed. 

Read more guy secrets here. You will spend the next few minutes giggling. 

  • Farewell Koko!

Koko the celebrity gorilla has died at age 46. The mammal amazed the scientific community and the entire world with her ability to learn sign language. From the moment Dr. Francine Patterson tried teaching Koko a few simple words, her learning abilities led to the launch of a complex study at Stanford University. The gorilla managed to learn over 2,000 English words. 

Koko’s contribution to science has been profound. She helped us learn more about communication and the animal world. She got so accustomed to living among humans and copying our behavior that she even ask for a kitten as a Christmas gift in 1984.

She also taught us about emotions. Koko developed a close relationship with actor Robin Williams. In a video that went viral soon after his death, you can see the two playing games. She even recognizes his face on the VHS tapes of one of his movies. It is told that when she was told about his death, Koko became visibly emotional. 

Back to You

This day has been full of stories that went viral. And understandably so. Who wouldn’t want to read about a potential fight between Justin Bieber and Captain Ivan Drago, hear about Samuel L. Jackson’s first kiss, learn about the things that guys rarely share with girls, and pay homage to Koko the gorilla?