Viral Today: June 20

How many planes does it take to fly two Beluga whales from China to Iceland? No, it’s not the beginning of a great joke (although we would surely love to hear the punchline, ) but the news that went viral on June 20th, 2019. 

Stick around to learn more about their trip and watch a baby elephant trip while chasing a dog.

Spoiler alert: it’s ridiculously cute. 

2 Belugas, an 11-Hours Journey, a New Beginning

beluga whale

Meet Little Grey and Little White, two 12-years old Beluga whales that have been flown from Shanghai to a marine sanctuary in Iceland. The two mammals were captured in the Russian Arctic waters when they were two or three years old and spent their lives entertaining people at the Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, China.

Now, the conservation charity Sea Life Trust wants to give them a new life in a sanctuary that they built specifically for the two animals. They hope that this is just the beginning of a new way of relocating more than 3,000 animals held in captivity. 

We know what you are asking yourself: how do you fly two whales (after all, they weight about 900 kilograms and are four meters long) across the world? 

The charity used a Boeing 747 loaded with containers that carried the two creatures. The Sea Life Trust charity also worked for one year and a half with the two whales to ensure that they are ready not only for the big journey but for their new life in the sanctuary at Klettsvik Bay at Heimaey, in Iceland. 

About the Sanctuary

pink whale

The sanctuary was designed to provide a more natural habitat to the whales, one that mimics closely the sub-Arctic waters. The problem is that, after years spent in captivity, the two whales need a period of accommodation. 

The sanctuary is huge as it covers 32,000 square meters and it goes as deep as 10 meters. The whales will still be carried for as marine biologists think they won’t be able to survive on their own in the wild. That’s what happened to the killer whale from the movie Free Willy. It was released in 2002, but it couldn’t adapt to life in the wild and died just half a year later. That’s one scenario that Sea Life Trust wants to avoid. 

More than 3,000 whales and dolphins are held in captivity. The charity hopes that soon other Belugas will follow and plan on bringing eight more whales in the future. 

Other Viral Topics on June 20

  • Cuteness Overload: A Baby Elephant Falls while Chasing Dogs
baby elephant

A camera and a clumsy baby elephant are the perfect ingredients for a viral video that is taking social media by storm. So is the case with this 25-seconds clip featuring a Jumbo and two dogs playing and chasing each other. But, wait, at one point, the elegant trips and falls in the mud in a hilarious and adorable moment. 

We’ll have to confess, we replayed the video several times and giggled every time. If you are having a difficult day, take a break and watch this clip. It will make you feel better. 

  • Time Is Obsolete and This Norwegian Island Wants to Get Rid of It

We don’t want to get philosophical and all, but could you really get rid of time? Well, that’s what the people from the island Sommaroy in West Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle in Norway are campaigning for. Their argument is that they are already living out of the normal construct of time as the sun doesn’t set and rises as it does in the rest of the world. When there is still daylight at 2 am, you can see children playing, people cutting their lawns, and so on. So, they want to formalize this life and allow for more flexibility. The news took Twitter by storm as users shared their thoughts. “A place where I am never late” read one of the messages. 

Over to You

With two Belugas flown across the world, a baby elephant running and falling, and the annihilation of time as we know it, we hope that you got your daily dose of cuteness with this recount of the viral trends on June 20.