Disney Releases the First Trailer to the Live-Action Remake of “The Lady and The Tramp”

The Lady and The Tramp

How amazing are the times we live in, right? Forget the Mars Rover and the Tesla Roadster.

Our favorite part of living such innovative times is getting to see live-action remakes of our favorite Disney classics, starting with Lion King and continuing with – drumroll – The Lady and The Tramp!

Prepare to be in awe watching these two adorable mutts and their romantic journey on the streets of a Midwestern town, where they both have to struggle with the ups and downs of a stray’s life. 

Disney has already released the first trailer to its amazing remake and we just love it. Seeing Lady and the Tramp as real dogs is better than ever expected, as they are just as cute and expressive as the cartoon versions we all loved since the release of the original animated movie in 1955. 

The CGI is very well done, it manages to keep the characters away from unnatural cringy facial expressions, yet gives them the human dimension we need for this beautiful story. We cannot wait to see the whole movie in theaters! Besides the two protagonists, we will meet their secondary partners, Pug, Trusty the Bloodhound, Jackie the Scottish Terrier or Bull, the Bulldog. 

We will also enjoy the marvelous song of the street cats, although the modern version of the movie ditched the controversial racial stereotyping that was unfortunately quite common back in the day. 

Starring Tessa Thomson as Lady and Justin Theroux as Tramp, this new Disney live-action release will surely warm up our hearts and keep us waiting for the next awesome remake. 

People in Japan Donated Their Phones to Make the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals


Back in 2017, Japan announced its plans to create the 5,000 Olympic medals from old, recycled tech devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It sounded a bit far fetch, as the organizers of the next Olympic Games would have needed 78,985 tons of old electronic devices from which extract 66.8 pounds of gold, 9,039 pounds of silver, and 5,952 pounds of bronze.

The committee had some exciting news to share at the beginning of August, and the story went viral quickly. 

People in Japan Rose to the Occasion

Everyone was a bit skeptical regarding the success of this campaign. While it’s true that 16% of the world’s gold and 22% of its silver can be found inside tech all over Japan, the truth of the matter is that most of it is recycled to make new electronic devices. Many found it difficult to believe that people in Japan would give up new tech to help out. 

They were all wrong as it turns out.

The organizers of the 2020 Olympic Games recently announced that they managed to collect all the gold, silver, and bronze needed to create 5,000 Olympic medals. People donated six million phones to make this happen. 

Before the London 2012 Olympic Games, the organizers harvested 9.6kg of gold, 1,210kg of silver and 700kg of copper to make its medals. Japan, in the meantime, was discarding 143kg of gold, 1,566kg of silver and 1,112 tons of copper through electronics.

The Medals Aren’t the Only Recycled Artefact

The organizers announced that the medals aren’t going to be the only recycled item during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The podiums will be made from recycled plastic and the costumes that the torchbearers will wear will be created from plastic bottles. 

Over to You

It’s encouraging to see people putting their personal needs on the side to help achieve a common goal.

This Math Equation Has People Confused. Can You Solve It?

Math Equation

A new viral math equation has taken the internet by storm and people can’t seem to agree on the correct answer. Is it 1 or is it 16? Let’s find out!

The Math Equation That Is Dividing the Internet

Take a look at the following equation:


It looks pretty simple, right? Now, go ahead and solve it. 

Did you get 1 or did you get 16? 

As it turns out, how you solve it depends on where you learned math. 

People started fighting on Twitter over the right answer, some even posting pictures of calculators showing the answers. 

“I have 2 math degrees it’s 1,” someone wrote on Twitter. “16… this is embarrassing for some of y’all.” another person claimed. Even the staff at Popular Mechanics got in an argument trying to determine the correct answer.

So, Is It 1 or 16?

The answer depends on the order of operations you learned in school. There’s PEMDAS, which stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, and there’s BODMAS method, which stands for: Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. That means that either one of the answers are correct because both methods of calculations are accepted. 

Now, this might sound a bit problematic. Imagine two rocket scientists coming with two different answers, both seemingly correct. That can become an issue when even the slightest variation can lead to dramatic consequences. 

Some people pointed out that the way the equation is written is very ambiguous. So, it’s not necessarily that one answer is correct and one is not. It’s that the entire thing is vague.

To Conclude

What answer did you get? And, who do you think is right?

People Are Texting Their “Number Neighbor” and the Replies Are Hilarious

Text Message

Back in the old days, if you wanted to make a new friend, you had to enroll in a new class, go to a bar or approach people at a party. The bottom line, you had to be there in person, make eye contact, read body language, and be spontaneous. Nowadays, you can just text a random person and hope that a conversation will ignite.

A new trend is becoming viral and people can’t seem to have enough of it. Here’s what it is and why so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. 

What’s a Number Neighbor

A number neighbor is almost identical to yours, the only difference being that the last digit is either one up or one down for yours. In a modern attempt of finding a pen pall, people are texting their number neighbor, hoping that a friendship will ensue (or, at least a funny conversation that they can then share on Twitter.)

Some got lucky and got into pleasant conversations that have the potential of turning into a lasting friendship. One Twitter user, for example, received some heartfelt advice about her love interest. Others, on the other hand, weren’t that lucky and their number neighbor either wasn’t interested or had a difficult time understanding the concept and its purpose.

Even some brands jumped at the occasion and took part in the viral trend. And, of course, there are those claiming that their number neighbor is former President Barack Obama.

Over to You

Have you tried texting your number neighbor? What happened? We would love to hear your story.

Hailstone the Size of Baseball Pelted Canada


How many hints about climate change does nature have to drop (pun definitely intended.) The city of Edmonton, Alberta was hit by a massive storm that brought huge hailstone. Some were even as big as a baseball

We Have Never Seen Hail This Big”

On Friday, 2nd August, Alberta was put under “tornado watch,” so people were getting ready to face a strong storm. However, they weren’t expected to get hit by a massive hailstorm on Friday night. 

A lot of people took to Twitter to show the sheer size of the ice balls. Some use coins, fruits, tennis balls or even baseballs to depict the impressive size of the hailstones. The photos went viral quickly as many couldn’t believe it. Some claim that they’ve never seen hail this big in their entire lives.

The next day, people started documented the damages: dents, smashed windshields and damaged crop.

It Got Worse

According to reports, Spruce Grove was one of the areas hardest hit. Environment Canada claims that it recorded hail the size of grapefruits, some with a diameter as large as 80 to 120 mm. 

So, why does this happen? Research shows that as the climate gets warmer, the updrafts increase and more moisture becomes available. As a consequence, scientists expect that both the size and frequency of hail to increase. According to The National Center for Atmospheric Research, the climate in the near future will favor m strong thunderstorms, and with that hail is to be expected. 

Over to You

Have you ever experienced hail so big? These ones were so big that the concept of “stone” doesn’t make them justice.

Is This Viral Photo about Backless Seat on EasyJet Flight Real?

Backless Seat on EasyJet

The airline says no.

EasyJet was under scrutiny after a photo of a woman sitting on a backless seat on one of their flights went viral on Twitter. The user that shared the photo claimed that the airline introduced “backless seat on their flights.” The company’s answer was a categorical no.

What Happened

A Twitter user was outraged that a woman was made to sit on a backless seat on an EasyJet flight from Geneva to Luton. As it turns out, the airline was just as surprised by the event. They tweeted the user back, asking him to remove the photo and send them a direct message. 

The user refused, claiming that the photo is real. A partner of him took it as the plane was preparing for departure.

According to the airline, the seat was indeed broken and awaiting repairs, but passengers weren’t permitted to sit on it. The user tweeted back that “One has to wonder how safe the rest of the plane was. He added that the woman moved to a spare seat once everyone had boarded the plane, but wasn’t sure what would have happened if the plane would have been fully booked. 

According to the airline, if that were to happen, the two passengers would have been offered an alternative flight. The company has very strict safety rules and no one would have been allowed to sit on a broken seat during the flight. 

“Safety is our highest priority and easyJet operates its fleet of aircraft in strict compliance with all safety guidelines,” said the company in a press release following the incident. 


Some people complain about turbulence or the fact that the peanut bag is too small. The travelers on this flight had to deal with a broken seat. How did the company handle the situation? 

Seth Rogen Is Using 1-Star Amazon Reviews to Promote His New Movie

One Star Review

When viewers give you one-star reviews, you turn them into a PR move. Or, at least that’s what Seth Rogen did when his series superhero series, “The Boys” received negative reviews from the public.

One Twitter User Suggested It

Journalist Ashley Feinberg tweeted a selection of negative reviews that the comedy received, suggesting that the production company should use it as promo material. Some users called the series “anti-Christian” while others claimed that it a “Hollywood left-wing propaganda production.” Someone even tweeted that the movie “caters to a depraved audience where the white male is shown as a demented perverted sexual abuser, white Christians are portrayed as racist in that they can only appreciate white male superheroes…”

Most producers would have tried to hurry these reviews and focus on the ones that praise the movie. Well, not Seth Rogen. 

” Advice taken” Rogen said, retweeting the message. The retweet quickly went viral and started an entire conversation around the movie. “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, as well as “The Walking Dead” star Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the conversation, talking about how great the show is. 

About the Show

The Boys is a superhero web series based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. It was produced by Eric Kripke for Amazon. The show tells the story of a team of vigilantes who fight against superheroes who started abusing their powers. The series premiered on July 26, 2019, and it was already renewed for a second season. 

Over to You

Apparently, it’s true what they say: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

This Is How Macaulay Culkin Thinks a “Home Alone” Remake Should Make Macaulay Look

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin shared his creative take on how his character would look like today and the depiction is both hilarious and accurate. 

A “Home Alone” Reboot?

Disney has a long list of movies that it wants to remake. Among them, there is also a rumor of a home alone reboot. Hearing that, Macaulay Culkin tweeted his thoughts on Disney’s plans. But, instead of a picture of the cute and brave boy who took on burglars all by himself, he tweeted a photo of himself laying on a couch with a plate of food in his hand and a laptop on his lap.

“This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like,” he wrote. 

“Hey @Disney, call me!” he added.

Disney Has Big Plans for Its Streaming Service

Disney is preparing to launch its own streaming service, Disney+ in November in the US and in 2020 in the UK. By doing so, the company will also reimagine a few hit movies, such as “Night at the Museum,” Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and “Home Alone.” Until now, the company didn’t provide any details about how the movie will be reimagined or who will be casted as Kevin McCallister.

Early this year, the company signed a $71 billion deal with 21st Century Fox, acquiring most of its assets, including some famous movie franchises. 


Are you excited about a “Home Alone” remake? Who do you think should take the role of Kevin? Or, do you think they should cast a girl as the hero of the series?

Viral Today: 23 August 2019

Taylor Swift launched her new album, “Lover” and, oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack. In the classic Taylor Swiftesc way, she opened up about vulnerable moments from her past, shared intimate details, and has fans racking their brains trying to put all the puzzle pieces from her Lover video together. 

Are you tired of cleaning up after your partner? Well, this Japanese woman came up with a brilliant way of shaming her husband for leaving trash around the house.

Taylor Swift Opens Up in Her Latest Album, “Lover”

Yesterday, Taylor Swift released the video of her new single, “Lover, ” and soon after that, she made the entire album available online. Just as you’ve imagined, the video is gorgeous. It features Taylor and her love interest living in a house inside a snow globe.

Taylor revealed in an interview following the release of her album that the concept was inspired by a line from a song from her 1989 album.

Of course, Taylor being Taylor, there’s more than just meets the eye and there’s a hidden meaning behind everything she does. One fan noted that there are enough rooms in the snow globe to represent all of her albums. And, it makes perfect sense when you start watching the video. The first room is green and represents her debut album. The couple even hangs a picture on the wall, signifying a new beginning. The second room is yellow and represents her second album, Fearless. The couple is sitting upside down, playing board games, suggesting that they are young and daring. 

She Sings about Her Mother’s Battle with Cancer

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift likes to address different moments from her past and draws inspiration from her relationships. But “Soon You’ll Get Better,” is perhaps her most personal to date. In it, she talks about her mother’s battle with cancer. 

Back in 2015, Taylor revealed to her fans that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. At the beginning of this year, she shared that her mother is facing cancer again. 

The song talks about the moment she learned about the diagnosis and how she managed to cope with the news. In the live stream following the album release, Taylor said that the song was very hard to write and that she is not able to sing it. 

Taylor opened up so much in this album that she even shared hundreds of pages of journal entries spanning her entire career. 

Other Viral Trends on August 23

  • Japanese Women Posts about the Trash Her Husband Leaves and It’s Hilarious

How many times have you picked up your husband’s dirty socks from the floor or threw the disgusting leftover food that they assured you that they are going to eat? Spoiler alert: it’s been five days and the Mexican take out is still in the fridge.

This Japanese woman started posting about the trash her husband leaves around the house and her Instagram account is now going viral. She was sharing the photos with her close friends only, but she made the account public after someone suggested it. 

Over to You

If you haven’t already, then you should take a break and listen to Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s beautiful and, we may be getting ahead of ourselves but we dare to say full of hits.

Viral This Week: Aug 19 – Aug 24, 2019

The viral news of the week has everyone looking at the devastating fires in Brazil, many of them taking place in the world’s largest rainforest. The fires have completely caught the attention of people from all around the world who’ve taken to social media to comment on the state of the world’s climate change.

Keep reading to find out more about the subject, as well as other things that went viral from August 19 to August 24.

The Amazon Seems to Be Dying

News of the fires in Brazil’s rainforest has been circulating for roughly three weeks. These have been described by experts as some of the most intense fires in the last decades.

The hashtag ‘#PrayforAmazonia’ quickly gained popularity on social media, with many people, including celebrities, weighing in on the topic.

Most of the fires seem to be agricultural in nature, either started by farmers clearing forest for cropland or small businesses burning stubble. It is clear, however, that the fires are created by humans.

The Amazon forest produces about 20% of the entire world’s oxygen, which is why many called this area ‘the planet’s lungs’. Naturally, these fires are quite concerning, and the World Wildlife Fund stated that if there is irreparable damage to the Amazon, it is possible to experience a higher emission of carbon, which could potentially make already-concerning climate changes even more severe.

Brazilian authorities seem to want to shift the conversation, however, claiming the fires are a natural occurrence. Ricardo Salles, the environmental minister in Brazil, tweeted that the Amazonian fires are a direct result of bad weather, wind, and heat, and completely ignored the human activity there known to have ignited fires in the past. However, environmental experts are sure the fires are mostly caused by human activity. In response, many people started tweeting an image is the text ‘The Amazon fire was deliberate’.

However, people seem to be divided on the subject. Has the situation in the Amazon been exaggerated?

What’s the Situation Like, Really?

While social media can be great for spreading the word on certain topics, it’s important to take everything you read online with a grain of salt.

First of all, the fires have indeed caused more harm than usual (fires in the Amazon are common, though their frequency has increased significantly in the last years). However, it’s important to note that it’s not the entire forest that’s on fire as it may have been suggested, but certain areas of it.

There has unfortunately been a lot of misinformation spreading online. A common ‘mistake’ a lot of people made was sharing photos of fires in the Amazon that have actually taken place previously, and claiming more areas of the forest are affected than it is announced.

Jayden Smith, the son of Will Smith, for instance, shared a photo of an Amazonian fire that took place roughly 30 years ago. Another common mistake some have made is sharing photos of affected animals seemingly burned by the fires.

One photo, in particular, sparked a lot of outrage outline. It shows a monkey holding its unconscious baby in its hands, apparently letting out a pain-filled scream. However, the picture was taken in 2017 by Indian photographer Avinash Lodhi in Jabalpur. Lodhi claims the baby monkey was just unconscious and recovered shortly after the photo was taken, but when she saw it seemingly dead, the mother started screaming in pain.

But leaving this misinformation aside, the fires in the Amazon are still a cause for concern. For one thing, they are mostly illegal and are destroying the biodiversity in the area. Additionally, they add to the already concerning issue of deforestation. If it continues, experts claim in the next years the Amazon could potentially turn from a green heaven into a dry savannah, and the entire world would suffer the consequences.

Don’t let some people exaggerating the truth prevent you from focusing on what’s going on.

Other Viral Topics of the Week

  • This TikTok Video of Mr. Sandman Cat Is Everything You Need to Watch Today

Seventeen-year-old Taylor-Ryan probably didn’t intend to make her cat, Ed, famous, but she certainly achieved it. The internet is absolutely in love with the video she made of Ed clapping his paws, turning, and swinging in front of the camera, all set to the soundtrack of ‘Mr.Sandman’ by the Chordettes.

In case you’re worried what Ed thought or felt about all of this, don’t worry. Taylor-Ryan assures everyone that no cat was harmed in the production of the video. Though it’s really hard to tell from his facial expressions. Or is that just a cat thing?

  • Dad Treats His Baby Girl to a Day at the Spa. Sort of

Dads aren’t exactly known for playing with dolls or braiding their daughter’s hair, but Instagram user @jim_star_ wants you to know he treats his baby girl to weekly spa sessions. The video posted on the social media platform sees this dad cutting his daughter’s toenails, and giving her the ‘spa talk’. Needless to say, people are in love!

  • Miley Cyrus Sets the Record Straight

The news that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth separate broke many people’s hearts and a lot of people were curious to find out exactly what happened, specifically if Miley cheated like it has been suggested in the press.

Well, Miley went to her twitter account and posted a long thread clearing the air. No cheating, but she wants everyone to know she’s in a great place right now. Many fans respond to the thread and praised her for speaking out.

Over to You

What have you heard of the terrible fires in the Amazon? Did any other misinformation stumble on your newsfeeds?